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The Whitepod

I suppose as a northerner I am somewhat drawn to snow.  Add in the unusually warm and whiteless winter we’ve been experiencing this year, and that kinda makes snow a little more enchanting.  Christmas was green and rainy.  We’ve only had one really good snow fall so far this year.  Of course, last year when I had to drive an hour to school twice a week, we had numerous snowfalls with an unbelievable amount of accumulation.  Go figure.

So after stumbling upon this place in the Swiss Alps…yeah, I am craving it, Whitepod.  Camping in the winter.  It’s located in Switzerland and sits above the city of Monthey. As an eco-friendly environment (they minimize daily water and electricity consumption, reduce waste production, and favor the use of renewable resources) it gives you the chance to experience the great outdoors in a totally unique way, in a pod.  At first, when I was taking a look at the pods, I was a little alarmed about not seeing any bathrooms.  I thought, “Oh well, it would just add to the whole camping experience to have to make a trek to the lodge to use a toilet.”  Okay, for the record: I was WRONG.  The dome shaped tents do indeed have bathrooms.  No worries.

Oh, the pods are also heated by a woodstove.  The bathrooms are heated by an electric heater.  Can’t have those pipes freeze up; otherwise, you’ll really be running to the lodge to use the john.  But, I thought the woodstove was a nice touch.  Makes the stay at the pod a little more hands on, and I’m all for that.

Whitepod has quite a few activities to offer: snow-trekking in the mountains, dog sledging/sledding, paragliding, skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding.  I have to include that one of the paragliding packages entails climbing a mountain and then paragliding down it.  Right now, I’ll just have to dream of doing that, because there isn’t a way I can actually do it right now.  Bummer.

I encourage you to visit Whitepod‘s website, or better yet…visit Whitepod.

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Experience English Country

So, when I think of England, I usually think of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Bridge, ect.  Sometimes the quaint countryside come to mind, and I find that to be very intriguing.  But how in the world could someone (a foreigner) enjoy its beauty?  Personally, I think it’s lame just to settle for the English countryside via the latest Jane Austen movie that BBC produces (and in no way am I trying to belittle BBC.  I think they do a fantastic job).

I did a little searching and found a some places where one can enjoy the great outdoors of England by way of camping.  Here’s one of them:

Sawday’s Canopy & Stars


It’s not your commonplace camping.  They call it luxury camping or ‘glamping’.  They’ve developed a collection of places which are beautiful and quirky at the same time.  One in particular stood out to me…and its calling my name.  It’s called “The Geo” and is located in Cornwall.

The Geo, Ekopod

The Geo, Ekopod, Cornwall (thanks to Sawdays Canopy and Stars)

It mixes modern and nature together.  It’s sustainable and at the same time caters to your necessities.  Yes, it has its own private kitchen and bathroom.  Upscale camping?  Yep.

Think you would get bored with a mod-tent and some trees?  Think again.  There’s plenty to see and do around the area.  Hiking, bike rides, surfing are all suggested activities…and Tintagel castle is also in the area.

However, if  “glamping” isn’t your thing…you’ve got to check this place out.

The Temple of Folly


Temple Folly

The Temple located in the Northshire Dales National Park(thanks to templefolly.co.uk)

Located in Swinithwaite, North Yorkshire, the Temple of Folly was built in the 18th century.  It’s octagon shape makes it a rather unusual building.  It was originally built to be a summerhouse or belvedere for a gentleman named T J Anderson.   It’s architectural designs inside and out make it a very intriguing and interesting place.  Not only that, the Temple provides a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape with its second-floor, open air balcony.  At night you can enjoy the view across Wenslyeydale to the floodlit Bolton Castle.

Depending on the season, the price varies from around $650-$800 per week.

Bedroom in the Temple

Second-floor bedroom in the Temple (thanks to templefolly.co.uk)

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